• 2012 – Doctorate in Health Services Research, University of Washington.
  • 2002 – Master in Public Health, Yale.
  • 1994 – BA in Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College.

Academic appointments:

  • Assistant Professor School of Public Health OHSU-PSU.
  • Visiting professor at the National Institute of Public Health, Mexico.
  • Researcher affiliated with CISIDAT.

Research interests:

  • Methodological approach around improving causal inference in non-random designs, including developing suitable comparison groups, triangulation of data sources and analytical methods, and data correlation.
  • Impact evaluation includes evaluating clinical training programs to national policies and their populations of interest such as adolescents, poor women, and clinical apprentices.

Featured projects:

  • It is currently associated with Oregon’s State to study the state’s family planning program in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico.
  • She participated as a volunteer for the Peace Corps in Senegal. She has also worked in Burkina Faso, Mexico, Colombia, with maternal health and family planning issues.


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