• 2004 – Doctorate in Basic Biomedical Research
  • 1991 – Master of Chemical Sciences (Biochemistry)
  • 1987 – Bachelor in Biology

Academic appointments:

  • Full-time Associate Researcher C, Department of Immunology, Institute of Biomedical Research, UNAM.
  • National System of Researchers, Level I.

Research interests:

  • Basic research, mainly in the area of the properties of HIV-1 envelope proteins and their biological effects.
  • Fusion of cells of the immune system induced by HIV-1, the participation of autoantibodies in the inhibition of cell fusion induced by this virus and the inhibition of in vitro infection by synthetic and natural compounds.
  • Analysis of the GP41 protein participation in the viral tropism and the infectious capacity of swine influenza viruses in human cells.


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