• 1984 – Specialty in Clinical Pathology, Ruiz Laboratorios Clinic.
  • 1981 – Surgeon and Midwife, Autonomous University of Puebla

Academic appointments:

  • Invited Researcher at the Health Economics and Systems Evaluation Directorate, National Institute of Public Health.
  • National System of Researchers, Level 1
  • Researcher affiliated with CISIDAT.

Research interests:


Featured projects:

  • He was Head of Department and “E” researcher until 2005 at the Center for Research on Infectious Diseases at the National Institute of Public Health.
  • He has served since 1986 in various positions in the Ministry of Health, including the coordination of the Network of HIV Laboratories in Blood Banks in the General Directorate of Epidemiology, Deputy Director of Research and Quality Control of the National Center for Blood Transfusion.
  • He participated as a volunteer in the HIV programs of Doctors Without Borders in Zambia and Mozambique, was an advisor to CENSIDA in rapid HIV diagnosis, and implemented the current Comprehensive HIV / STI Diagnosis program in the City’s HIV / AIDS Program from Mexico.


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