• 2018 – present: Ph.D. in Economics at Department of Economics and Related Studies. University of York, United Kingdom.
  • 2015 – Master in Administration and Public Policies, Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE).
  • 2013 – Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.


  • Measuring, identifying, and characterizing the presence, magnitude, and sources of opportunity in inequality Mexico’s nutrition-related outcomes.
  • Developing an approach to deal with the lack of panel data to perform life course health economic analysis.
  • Investigating the individual and socioeconomic factors accounting for differences in Covid 19-related outcomes between indigenous and non-indigenous people in Mexico.
  • Understanding management Practices in Community-based organizations that provide HIV prevention interventions in Nigeria.
  • Estimating the costs of providing HIV interventions to key populations.

Research interests:

  • Socioeconomic inequalities in health.
  • Costing health interventions.
  • Applied microeconometrics.
  • Management practices and health outcomes and impact evaluation of public policies.


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