Formar parte de un sitio CRS como uno de los AIDS Clinical Trial (ACTG)a través del CTU Emoy-CDC

  1. The Emory-CDC CTU is comprised of priority areas with well-established programs and histories of performing NIH funded clinical research. In renewal the Emory-CDC CTU will be expanding to a 6th CRS in Mexico City.
    The specific aims are the following:
      • To contribute scientific expertise and human subject enrollment into studies that address these for key research areas: adult HIV therapeutic strategies, including HIV cure, noninfectious comorbidities, and the infectious comorbidities of hepatitis and tuberculosis; strategies to address HIV and HIV-associated infections in pediatric and maternal populations; integrated HIV prevention strategies; and vaccines to prevent HIV infection.
  2. To be a leading CTU for contributions of women, minorities, and adolescents to support network clinical trials, both domestically and in low-middle income countries.
  3. To operate and efficient and flexible CTU that can respond rapidly to evolving research opportunities.
  4. To participate in the development and implementation of clinical research plans.