The GVP is a global partnership to detect and characterize virtually all of the planet’s unknown viral threats circulating in animals. The GVP will target the vast pool of unknown future viral threats through the development of a comprehensive ecologic and genetic database of virtually all naturally-occurring viruses. Through the GVP, unknown viruses will be isolated and their sequences shared in a publicly-accessible database. Additionally, metadata on viral ecology will be collected, including host range, geographic distribution, and epidemiology. The resulting database will enable us to target high impact interventions to prevent spillover athigh-risk animal-human interfaces.
USAID has funded a project to UCD -UCSF – UCB to conduct an economic benefit cost analysis for the Global Virome Project, to quantify the expected range of costs and benefits that would follow from the implementation of GVP.
For this project, CISIDAT will provide technical support to the Senior Advisor, Dr. Bertozzi based in UC Berkeley, with the proportion of economic modelling that he is leading for the Global Virome Project Benefit Cost Analysis, regarding the potential health related cost and benefits of the GVP due to faster and better product development (e.g. vaccine, drug, diagnostic, etc.).