About us

The Consortium

We are a health research consortium made up of more than 50 researchers of high national and international prestige. As a network, we serve as a strategic ally in the generation of scientific evidence and training of human resources in health-related topics in Mexico and other low and middle-income countries.

CISIDAT’s activities focus on providing strategic support to the National Institutes of Health in Mexico and other allied institutions, in order to facilitate health research and training through the following services:

  • Effective and transparent management and administration of research projects.
  • Organization and certification of training and capacity building projects.
  • Quantitative methods for data analysis and results visualization.
  • Scientific writing of articles, proposals, and other written products in English.
  • Knowledge translation to increase the dissemination and impact of research.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to contribute to the generation of scientific evidence in the health field through providing strategic support to the National Institutes of Health in Mexico and other allied research institutions and promoting academic excellence with transparency and ethics.

Our vision is to be a health research consortium with national recognition and international visibility due to our prestigious network of researchers and strategic allyship with academic institutions working to promote health research and capacity building projects.


2006: The National Council for Science and Technology in Mexico (CONACYT) authorized 35.5 million pesos to support the project previously titled CISIDA, made up of 5 sub-projects with nation-wide impact.

The general objective of this project was to generate scientific evidence to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment, care, and prevention of secondary cases of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis in Mexico.

To achieve these objectives of this project, a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional Research Consortium was proposed, which would be made up of an experienced group of clinicians, epidemiologists, behavioral science experts, and economists.

2007: CISIDAT was founded as a non-profit organization and obtained its accreditation as an Authorized Grantee to issue tax-deductible receipts. CISIDAT also obtained its registrations through the National Institute for Social Development and the National Council for Science and Technology in Mexico.

2011-2019: in this period, CISIDAT  expanded its vision to other areas of health research besides just HIV/AIDS and TB. Currently, CISIDAT focuses on topics across the health sciences.

Since its creation, CISIDAT’s mission has been to facilitate and support the work of the National Institutes of Health in Mexico and other allied health science institutions to improve public policies and thereby the general health of the population.