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CISIDAT is a health research consortium comprised of researchers of national and international repute. Our mission is to generate scientific evidence and support human resources in health fields in low and middle income countries. We strive to do this by providing strategic tools to the National Institutes of Health in Mexico and other academic institutions that promote research and capacity building in health; promoting academic excellence; and optimizing resources with transparency and ethics.


Development of an experiment to evaluate the impact of uncertainty in informative messages on credibility and adherence to preventive COVID-19 measures

Identify the effect of uncertainty in the communication of the main aspects of the COVID-19 epidemic in Mexico on the levels of acceptance, credibility and persuasiveness of the messages.

Prosperity Fund, Better Health Mexico Program. Nutrition and Public Health

Strengthening the structures of the local health system and the capacity of the workforce to address the growing burden of noncommunicable diseases.



AMBAR Course: Evidence-based care for women and newborns

Encourage and strengthen evidence-based care practices for women and newborns, through research, awareness-raising, training and integration of qualified personnel (professional midwives, nursing personnel and medical personnel), women and community, in order to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes.