• 2007 – Specialty in Infectious Diseases, INNSZ.
  • 2005 – Specialty in Internal Medicine, ABC Medical Center.
  • 2000 – Medicine, La Salle University.

Academic appointments:

  • Senior Researcher D at the HIV Clinic, Infectology Department of INCMNSZ.
  • It belongs to the National System of Researchers (SNI), level II.

Research interests:

  • Conduction of phase II to IV clinical trials of new antiretroviral treatment strategies or molecules
  • Management of advanced HIV disease and opportunistic infections.
  • Observational studies on HIV and its comorbidities.

Featured projects:

  • Participation as a co-investigator in Mexico for the Caribbean, Central America, and South America to the HIV epidemiology network (CCASAnet), experience in the direction and management of clinical trials.
  • Participation in international collaborations such as HIV: TB, IeDEA, ICONA, Fundación Hupedes, Kirby Institute, among others.


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