• 2012 – Ph.D. in Health and Public Policy, LSHTM, UK.
  • 2001 – Master in Health Economics, CIDE.
  • 1995 – Bachelor in Nutrition, UAM-X.

Academic appointments:

  • Professor, Center for Research in Policies, Population, and Health, UNAM.
  • President of the Technical Committee of the State Evaluation Commission of the State of Morelos.
  • Level 2 Researcher of the National System of Researchers.
  • Member of the Advisory Committee on Evaluation of the Global Vaccination Alliance (GAVI)
  • Researcher affiliated with CISIDAT.

Research interests:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of social programs and policies.
  • Universal health coverage and effective access.
  • Health inequities.
  • Analysis of risk behaviors, particularly among adolescents.

Featured projects:

  • Health inequities in Mexico: estimation of health inequalities associated with avoidable aspects and measurement of the burden of inequality.


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