• 1990-1992 – Fellowship in Infectious Diseases, Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
  • 1989 – Fellowship in Clinical Microbiology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
  • 1987 – Specialty in Internal Medicine, INNSZ.
  • 1981 – Surgeon, La Salle University.

Academic appointments:

  • Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition (INCMNSZ).
  • Researcher in Medical Sciences “F” of the National Institutes of Health.
  • Professor of the sub-specialty on HIV / AIDS of the Faculty of Medicine at UNAM.
  • National System of Researchers, (SNI) Level III.
  • Member of the National Academy of Medicine.
  • Researcher affiliated with CISIDAT.

Research interests:

  • HIV treatment with antiretrovirals.
  • Epidemiology of HIV infection.
  • Late presentation to treatment in patients with HIV infection.
  • Antiretrovirals in the prevention of HIV infection.
  • Immune Reconstitution Syndrome.
  • Clinical aspects of infectious diseases.

Featured projects:

  • He has been participated in national and international clinical trial groups and has published as an author and co-author in various national and international journals on HIV/AIDS.


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