• 2006 – Master in Medical Anthropology, Sussex, University.
  • 2000 – Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology, University of the Americas.

Academic appointments:

  • Researcher in Medical Sciences C, Directorate of Determinants and Challenges of Health Systems, CISS, INSP.
  • Professor of the International Qualitative Evaluation Program, sponsored by the University of North Carolina and USAID.
  • Member of the National System of Researchers, Level I.
  • Commissioner of the State Commission for the Evaluation of Social Development of the State of Morelos (COEVAL).
  • Researcher affiliated with CISIDAT.

Research interests:

  • Qualitative evaluation and with mixed methods of social and health programs.
  • Youth sexual and reproductive health (HIV / AIDS) and education issues.
  • Evaluation in ecology and sustainability.

Featured projects:

  • He has designed and executed 14 evaluations of national or state scope, among which are the evaluation of the Program of Infantile Stays, of the Senior Adult Program 70 and more of SEDESOL, the Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for adolescents in Morelos, the Accreditation in Units Hospitals with CAUSES Interventions, the characterization of research teams and contexts in health services within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, evaluation of results and impact of interventions in environmental education, among others.
  • She has 29 scientific publications, is a teacher at the National School of Public Health, has accompanied the degree processes as director and advisor at both the masters and doctoral levels.
  • She has participated in more than 19 research projects at the national and international levels. She has served as an advisor for the design of evaluations in institutions such as the National Institute of Educational Evaluation (INEE), Federal Health Secretariat, SEDESOL, PAHO, WHO, One Drop, Millennium Water Alliance, the University of Paraguay, University of South Africa, the Faculty of Rwanda Public Health and FUNSALUD.


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