• His academic career includes bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, pedagogy, literature, and a master’s degree in comparative literature and communications. He currently completed his training with his studies and research in public health.

Academic appointments:

  • Researcher affiliated with CISIDAT.
  • Technical advisor on HIV for projects of institutions and organizations worldwide such as UNAIDS, UNDP, International AIDS Society (IAS), IRIS, Palladium Group (formerly Futures Group), FHI360, IRIS, among others.

Research interests:

  • Leadership training in the regional response to HIV, in the reduction of stigma and discrimination and other aspects of combined prevention related to HIV.
  • Structural interventions, touching public policies, human rights, gender-based violence, and combined prevention, all this through strategic planning, community development, and capacity building.
  • Social capital for marginalized populations.

Featured projects:

  • He currently coordinates a national combined prevention project in 12 states of Mexico with the organization: MoKexteya AC.
  • His AIDS experience began in 1985 when he co-founded the first AIDS organization in Montreal, Canada. He later worked as the National Coordinator of Research and Prevention Programs for the Canadian AIDS Society and later at the Center for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University in Montreal. For a time, Ken worked organizing international research activities and events. Ken helped organize the World AIDS Congresses in Geneva in 1998, Vancouver in 1996, Montreal in 1989, and Mexico in 2008.
  • For 18 years, he served as the academic coordinator of regional HIV courses at the National Institute of Public Health.


  • Morrison, Ken; Luna, A; Coria, C: Implementation of Social Capital Theory and Process to Strengthen State-Level Combination Prevention Outcomes in 12 states in Mexico; Poster-discussion at IAS 2019 (International HIV and Science Conference), Mexico City, July 2019.
  • Ogden, J; Morrison, K; Hardee, K: Social Social capital to strengthen health policy and health systems, Health Policy and Planning, 2013: 1-11, Oxford University Press in association with The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.